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Haunted houses: chapter 3

Mike stood, leaning his body weight on the tree, waiting for the flat-bottomed boat to arrive with Frank and Ashley. They wanted to see the drop site for themselves, while the forensics teams arrived to for retrievals. So far, the cadets had already discovered three decaying bodies whose remains were already protruding, where high tides or storm water had washed away part of the “island”.

Two of the young men were carefully digging up a body wrapped in a carpet, which had bones and bedraggled carpet protruding from muddy edge of the island over to his left. They were struggling to first clear the marshy reeds and weeds, whose thick roots made digging more difficult. Once they got down below the roots, it got easier, especially as all the bodies found so far had been buried in shallow graves.

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haunted houses, suspense, serial killer, thriller, short stories

Haunted houses: chapter 2

New digs

As the morning heated up, an FBI team rolled in from Gulfport, with a mobile unit borrowed from Jackson. This bus, with its extensions, would serve as the temporary headquarters on the property. They extended the canvas, fastening the poles of the awning, creating an outer work space, setting up tables and chairs on the grass in the shade.

A second bus pulled in shortly after, with the coroner’s mobile unit following closely behind.

The helicopter arrived back on it’s second trip, with a lone woman hopping out and joining the FBI team. Her clothes and style didn’t quite seem to match that of the other team members, and Jennifer watched her fidgeting uncomfortably as she was brought up to speed.

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