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You could also find out more about me in the following places & pages:

I am a founder and Company Secretary of DiscoverYourPathU, LLC where we believe that every life can teach and everyone can grow! We envision a world where authentic connection and kindness are creatively expressed in communal practice.

  • Shekinah: Practicing Presence 24/7 – which is really an exploration of my spiritual path. Everything in that blog is about spiritual growth & practicing presence.
  • BlackAnt blog – a blog about “faith, growth, changes and life”.
  • Beth Gray – Coach – my website as a life coach & mBIT coach – which also have blog posts specific to coaching & transformation. Once again, a bit more “dry” and professional.
  • On Facebook – Beth Gray
  • NOURISH – This is a safe community of people who are improving our own lives by changing our relationships with food, nutrition, exercise and holistic health. We are here to support each other in achieving the nutrition and health goals that take us to the next level physically, mentally & emotionally.
  • Practicing the Power of Eight – small group creation – to set aside time with 7-9 others – to focus all of our Divine Love and intention on each other, for healing & health & wholeness! Inspired by the book “The Power of Eight” by Lynne McTaggart